Pooping Puppies 

A Fun Action Game That Keep Kids Happy...

Pooping Puppies Card Game
 2+ players ages 4 and up
If you can read you can play!

Once cards are printed and colored to your liking, cut on the dotted lines. Shuffle the cards. Deal 5 cards to each player. Players should keep their cards secret. The rest of the cards go in the center for a “DRAW” pile, face down. Save room for a DISCARD pile, these cards will be placed face up.


The idea of the game is to avoid the poop! A poop card is only effective if it is drawn from the DRAW pile or stolen from another players hand. If you draw or steal a poop card you suffer the fate of being “pooped on” and are eliminated from the next round.


Play a card from your hand and follow the action directions on that card if it applies. Add this played card face up to form the DISCARD pile in the center of play near the DRAW pile. Then draw a card from the DRAW pile and secretly add that card to your hand. AVOID drawing the poop cards!


For example if you are dealt a poop card when you get your hand full of cards in the beginning, it has no effect on you. Keep it in your hand and keep it secret. Hope that another player will steal it!
Not Today cards
These will stop an effect of a card played immediately. You have exactly three seconds to play a Not Today card for its effect to be useful. These are meant to be played by any player at any time to stop any action. These are not effective against poop cards.
Save cards
These are any card that states at the bottom “ If you draw or steal a poop card this card will save you.”
* These rules are more like general guidelines, you may add to them, change them or create new ones.
If you are having fun, you are doing it right! 


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