I am going to tell you that I am going to tell you a story. 

Then, I’m going to tell you the story.

Then, we will recap the story.

That ladies, is your first take away from this narrative.

    I just told you my short version of how to give a speech. Now I studied Speech in high school extensively and while some of you may think that speech refers to speaking and how to converse with others – what I studied was much more in depth. I studied communicator of the verbal form but also more. I learned body language, enunciation, tempo, tone and eye contact. I learned and practiced impromptu and extemporaneous speaking for competitions. One is a short rehearsal and the other is “off the cuff” or absolutely no time to practice.

    So how do you give a speech? 

Let’s recap. I told you what I’m going to tell you, then I’m going to tell you and then I’m going to tell you what I told you. 

While that sounds funny it’s the basic truth of it all. The more you repeat a point, the more likely people are to remember. 

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By JC Taylor - September 21, 2021